A commercial signboard serves as the face of your business. It can help you bring in business as well as help you stand out. But the reason companies are so scrutinous with their signboards, is that a signboard can help you build your brand. Your commercial signboard usually contains your business name, logo, address, and even social handles. Hence, your signboard usually becomes the bedrock of your brand. To ensure that your brand is built on solid foundations, you need to choose a signboard printing company quite carefully.

This step-by-step guide on choosing the right signboard printing company can help you achieve this and much more.

Look for extensive experience

Do not hesitate to demand proof of work. Hiring a signboard printing company with at least 10 years of experience should be your best-case scenario. Hence, you should always ask for proof of the work they have done through the years. Moreover, printing signboards is not as straightforward as it may seem. A company like Colour Code Printing & Advertising, with 15 years of technical experience will always produce better output than a start-up printing service.

Verify the vendor’s reputation

The customer is always right. This is a philosophy you need to adopt whenever looking for the best signboard printing company. You need to check for customer reviews on external websites or platforms. While most reputed companies have testimonials on their website, it is always better to turn to social media for real and honest feedback. For example, Colour Code Printing & Advertising has only positive reviews on their social media channels.

Test their customer service

Since you will be handing over the responsibility of building your brand to such a company, it is always better to test their customer service. This can be done easily simply by communicating with the company via email or telephone. You will be able to develop an idea of their quality of customer service from just a few initial emails. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that a signboard printing company with great customer service, usually responds swiftly to your queries.

Explore products and services

A good signboard printing company can also be identified by the quantity and quality of its service offerings. For example, Colour Code Printing and Advertising provides products like signboards, flags, light boxes, tags, engravings, and even gift items. Moreover, such companies also provide additional services like digital printing, offset printing, and even screen printing

Understanding of local permitting requirements

The most suitable signboard printing company will have an in-depth knowledge of the local permitting requirements (or restrictions if you will) for printed signboards. Some of these restrictions include size, internal lighting, and even the type of messages that you can display on your signboard. Colour Code Printing and Advertising understands all the regional restrictions for signboards in Abu Dhabi and other GCC countries. If your signboard does not comply with these, it will most likely not go into production. However, this only means that your chosen signboard printing company is legitimate and reliable.


By checking the experience, reputation, customer service, service offerings, and legal competency of a signboard printing company, you can understand its authenticity. Since a signboard can serve as the backbone of your brand awareness on the street, it is best to carefully consider all these factors. A word of advice would be to rely only on expert and credible signboard makers like Colour Code Printing and Advertising.