Our Services


Engraving is the process of cutting out designs onto a block or surface. We use a variety of gravers to bring out the best styles and designs for your engraving requirements. We also offer coloured engraving solutions.

At Colour Code, we use unique graving tools for different engraving etches.

  • Angle tint tools
  • Burins
  • Florentine liners
  • Ring and flat liners
  • Mezzotint rockers and roulettes

We also use machine engraving tools and computer aided tools among other sophisticated tools for engraving purposes. Our modern techniques of engraving include pneumatic engraving machines which assist in deep engraving requirements on metal and other hard surfaces. 

For us, at Colour Code, customer satisfaction is paramount. We ensure that our customer's requirements are fulfilled to the best of our abilities. Our customers' positive reviews stand testament to the quality of our services.