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ID Cards and Lanyards

As one of the premiere printing agencies in Abu Dhabi, Colour Code is known for its versatility and multifaceted services. Our range of printing services include the designing and printing of ID cards and lanyards for corporates, schools and other industries. 

Nowadays, the use of ID cards and lanyards has become a necessity. Apart from the unique identification of an employee or a student, ID cards and Lanyards have also become a style statement and moment of pride for those wearing an ID card with lanyard. 

At Colour Code, we recognise the fact that these ID cards are your institution's unique identification. We therefore take a keen interest in designing and creating something distinctive and novel for your company. We advise our customers on the various shapes, sizes, colours and designs of ID cards and lanyards that will suit their requirement. 

Our PVC printed ID cards are durable and attractive, with legible print and unique designs. We print ID cards on the client specific material. 

Lanyards are used to hold the ID cards around the neck. We allow our clients to customize the lanyards based on colour, material and type.

Customers have the unique choice of selecting the material of the lanyards which ranges from silk, nylon, woven and satin among others. We offer three sizes based on the width of the lanyards
At Colour Code, we also offer the different types of lanyards to suit the requirements of the industry.

We design, print and supply individual as well as bulk orders for ID cards and lanyards. Customers experience the best services only at Colour Code.