Our Services

Laser and CNC Cutting

Laser and CNC cutting technology has become a popular method of cutting material and surfaces. At Colour Code, we use advanced technology methods to fulfil the unique cutting designs for our customers. 

We use three main laser cutting machines. Our machines are up to date and maintained in accordance with international standards. We use different laser machines to meet the demands of our clients

  • Co2 Laser
  • Neodymium


We adopt different methods of laser practices to cut various types of material like

  • Glass
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Carbon
  • Plastics

CNC cutting machines are computer controlled cutting machines. It is used in various applications like wood carvings on doors, sign boards, wooden frames and other decorative purposes.

For us at Colour Code, we take pride in the fact that our clients have repeatedly contacted us for all laser cutting jobs. Our team of experts have the skill and expertise to meet the customers goals and targets. We pride ourselves on the fact that our customers speak highly of our level of professionalism and persuasion. We make certain that our clients receive the best possible solutions for all their requirements. 

The laser and CNC cutting techniques at Colour Code are the most modern and advanced, making Colour Code one of the best Laser cutting companies in Abu Dhabi.