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Sign Boards

Signboards are one of the most effective ways of grabbing the attention of a passerby. Whether the signboard conveys important information like a traffic sign or is meant to advertise your business like a new product - signboards are an effective means of communication. 

Regarded as a leading signboard company in Abu Dhabi, Colour Code LLC is in the business of designing and creating effective signboards for a range of industries across the country.

We specialise in creating functional signboards that are striking, attractive and eye-catching. Years of experience in the field have made us one of the most popular signboard companies in Abu Dhabi. Our skill and expertise combined with our creativity and innovative thinking have managed to create the most effective signboards for a multitude of businesses and industries across the nation.

Color Code located in Abu Dhabi supplies full-service signage needs to any and all businesses across UAE. Most of our customers need a local sign company in the UAE to meet their needs and find Color Code their best choice as a quality and reliable sign company.

The best type of sign for your business depends on many factors. We will discuss your needs and the solutions that showcase your business in the best way.

Get the messaging flexibility and impact you need with signboards. Our complete sign program includes content creation, scheduling, hardware installation, storage, everything you need from a single convenient source.

We ensure extremely strict quality policy In depth knowledge of the signage domain Great after sales service and post installation.

Multipurpose Benefits of Signboards

Effective Advertising Strategy

Signboards are an effective means of advertising. They can be customized to attract the attention of everyone passing by. Neon colours, bright lights and 3D images can be used on signboards to pull and hold the attention of the public.

Long Retention Span

Signboard visuals and content make a lasting impression. A sign with your company logo can identify your business and build your brand image – especially if your sign is seen often by the same people.

Affordable Advertising

Television and radio advertising, though effective, can be expensive. On the other hand, signboards are an effective and affordable means of advertising. we offer affordable options for printing and signboards in Abu Dhabi.

Informative For Your Audience

Road signs and danger signs give important information to the public. They are a permanent solution to informing the public of routes, directions, and impending risks.

Our Signs boards include

Traffic Signs

We supply traffic signs and road signs for the convenience of road users in the country. From road directions and milestones to informative traffic signs and pictorial signs, we create eye-catching signboards that serve their distinct purposes.

Safety Signs

Public spaces or private property can be ridden with perils and unsafe zones. These dangerous spaces must be made known to the public for safety purposes. At Colour Code LLC, we supply conspicuous and noticeable safety signboards to inform the public of imminent dangers.

2D/3D sign boards

Advancements in technology have brought a range of new and unconventional signboards to attract the public eye. At Colour Code LLC, we offer the latest trends in signboard designs and the most modern and trendsetting glow - LED, 2D and 3D signboards in Abu Dhabi.

Why choose Colour Code for Signage?

At Colour Code, we follow a customer centric approach enabling us to provide quality products at affordable rates. Our competitive spirit and commitment to our clients have made us a pioneer in our field. With the spirit of innovation and creativity at our core, we offer the most intelligent signboards that are strikingly different from the usual. We are committed to providing durable products to our wide spectrum of clients. Since our inception in 2006, we have constantly adapted to the changing needs of customers to provide futuristic and revolutionary signboards that fulfil the needs of various industries.