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Personal name tags are an embodiment of your personality. At Colour Code Printing and Advertising, we design personal and official name tags that identify your persona.

We specialise in creating tags on different materials.

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Paper

Apart from material choices, Colour Code offers a wide range of variety of tags such as

  • Magnetic tags
  • Key ring tags
  • Straps
  • Velcro tags
  • Straps 
  • Lock tags
  • Handles


We are regarded as one of the best companies in Abu Dhabi for tag design and creation.

Whether you require tags for traveling, marketing purposes or as souvenirs. We, at Colour Code offer unique ideas and designs to fit your requirement.

Tags are required for many reasons

Traveling purposes

1. Reduces the chances of misplacement of luggage While travelling, by flight, cruise or any other mode of transport, luggage is handled by a number of people. There are chances of your bags getting misplaced in transit or confused with a fellow passenger’s luggage.

• Looks neat and professional
Tags replace the unprofessional markings like ribbons and felt marks.

• Reusable
Tags are removable and reusable making it convenient to attach it to different bags each time you travel.

• Reflects your personality
At Colour Code, we design tags to your liking. We create name tags in different shapes, sizes, colours and material.

2. Marketing Place

Companies may use tags to improve sales and marketing. Offer bag tags at events and promote your company’s brand awareness. Colour Code Printing and Advertising is your one stop solution for all your tag needs.